Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perhaps some of us are just better suited to being zombies eh?

I've been in the morning shift since April (I think!) and I'm finally back on the night shift!!! A lot of people told me that sleeping the same time at night would make me happy. Well I agree, cos I get to spend more time with my Brother and I can do a lot of things or even go out with friends. At first I thought it was cool but the trouble is, I can't sleep at night. So it's good that I'm back to where I belong, "The Zombie Shift". But then again, I will miss my team mates. :(

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Because I am no quitter!

So apparently, I am at home, staring at my monitor, thinking of what to write. Oh! Let me write about what I went through before I got my very first job away from home.

Some of you may know that I never imagined myself working in a call center as people discriminate call center agents (and I used to be one of 'em. :-/ ). These people think that if you are in a call center it only means you're not good enough or you just can't find a job and the only choice you have left is to be a Call Center Slave. As long as you Understand and speak the language, YOU ARE IN! Agree?

Everything changed in just a snap when I started a new life in Manila. I quit my job as a Graphic Artist / Non-linear Video Editor in 2011 mainly because I wanted to do something else. I started sending applications online. "Lahat din ata ng bangko sa Manila inaplyan ko na." No luck. I even when considered working overseas. So I was on my way home when I saw this billboard. Jobs Fair! So I went there 2 hours before the Mall opens. Little did I know it was a Call Center Jobs Fair! I got too disappointed so I just walked around the mall. After an hour of just walking I decided to give it a try. So I passed the interview I had with IBM. I was immediately endorsed to the final interview which was scheduled at 9pm. Since it was only 4pm, I went home to freshen up. Kuya was still sleeping when I got home. I woke him up and told him that I passed an interview and he asked what position it was for. Without thinking, HE SAID NO. I ditched the interview. From then on, IBM kept calling my cellie asking if I still wanted to continue with my application. I asked for a little time and told them I needed to fix something in the Province. Eventually, I got my brother's blessing and went back to Manila for the Interview. I got the job and the salary offered was VERY GOOD. :-)

People from training

The training started on August 16th 2010,I met a lot of people and I said to myself, "Working in a call center wasn't bad after all". Not only will you improve your communication skills but you'll get to know more about american culture. Well, I find it very interesting. Ha! ha! I am very proud to say that I am consistently meeting all my targets **Good Stats! from the day I started taking in calls until now. Receiving positive feedback, how I handle calls and how I talk to the customers from the people in the floor are very overwhelming.

So when I learned about the IJP, without having second thoughts, I immediately sent my application. I was lucky enough to be included in the final Interview. I never wanted to expect much and yet I expected that I will be one of the 2. After the interview, I went out of the room unhappy. I got too nervous that I wasn't able to show the Interviewer how Eager was I to be part of the Q.A. Team. I know it sucks, So I just prayed for FAIR JUDGEMENT. I didn't get it. So that was the end of the story. I don't want to go into details as this might be taken against me. I just hope that we were treated fairly. I know I didn't get that promotion BUT THAT DOESN'T END HERE.
With my Dear Inna. I still can't believe you didn't get it.
with my Reg

The only thing that I can say is, working in a call center is like you're back in school. You have classmates, and they are your team mates and your teacher is your team Leader. Does it make sense? ha! ha! Yes it does! I also realized that in this business "People come and go". I know It is just like any other companies but in a call center it's pretty much different, I tell you.

This is what you can call REAL FRIENDSHIP. No Competition. If someone has very high EDR, we just laugh at it or we just simply give tips in lowering it down.
I miss you, Guys!

If you want to survive in this business you got to be strong, and I mean STRONG. You Got to be PROFESSIONAL in every sense of that word. BUT YOU ALSO NEED TO KEEP IN MIND THAT THERE WILL BE PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE IT. That's true. I can testify to that. Authority abusive? Oh, There are a lot of them. But like I said, you need to be strong and professional. You are not there to please anyone but you are there to earn money. Being a Call center Agent is still fun after all. You just need to learn to love what you're doing and you're good to go. And that's my secret. I learned to love my job and that is why I'm still here and that I can see my future in here.

I just need to continue what I have been doing. Maintain the scores. AND WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Early Birthday Gift

Look What I got myself today! BEATS by Dr. Dre. :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday Night with my Boys and the Super Moon

Last Saturday was one of those days I enjoyed most with brother. Although, we always hangout every weekend or If not on a weekend, atleast once a week since I have the most "abnormal" work schedule. LOL

We always make sure that we eat out or have a small talk over a cup of coffee or yoghurt once a week since we don't have much time together because I'm on a night shift and opposite
naman siya. :-|

So, first we had dinner at Chicboy in Makati. The food was alright and it's cheap. For just 350php,
Nabusog kami! :-) We usually spend 1,500php everytime we eat out. How cool is that huh? and oh, Unlimited rice pa!! Then we went straight to one of our favorite hangout place, Starbucks, Greenbelt. Our cousin arrived after an hour, Kuya and I were so happy cos he brought his Camera with him. Yes! My kuya's a "Camwhore" or should I say "Narcissistic?" Kiddin' We just stayed there for a couple of hours, taking pictures of ourselves (pictures are uploaded on my Facebook Account.) Lol, did a lot of catching up (it's a given na!) and asarin yung nagpapanggap na studyante! :-) Nope seriously, he's taking his Masters Degree in Ateneo Graduate School.

This is what he always do in Greenbelt, "STUDYING" - sucks to be you brother! :-)
Jay-R, One of my favorite Cousins. :-) You owe me for this! :-)
Serious, Much?

At 1:30am, We decided to walk around Greenbelt and see if the supermoon was gonna show up. Meron naman but the thing was, the clouds were covering it! Too bad! We realized it was too early to go home so we went to Central BBQ Boy Shots in Makati so I could try their famous Southern Comfort or Soco Shake Slammer. Soco is a yummy chocolate flavored shake with a kick of alcohol (this is now my favorite) and some other more.
You gotta try this!Yummy! Yummy! It tastes just like a normal Chocolate Shake. Yum!
Cheers to the friggin' weekend. :-)
After 2 shots of Soco. :-)
The Super Moon at 4AM

Looking forward to another great weekend with the people I love.



Friday, February 11, 2011

To my Mary Grace

To the bestest friend in the whole wide world.

To the person who knows me from head to foot. LOL

To the person I miss everyday.


I love you so much, Ate Grace. I am sorry for hurting you lage. You know, its TOUGH LOVE. LOL I miss you a lot, Madam. :(

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Dear Graceey.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Ever Vacation

It's been like what? Months? since the last time I blogged. Life in Manila has been really really busy for me, (Work, social life bla bla bla. lol) Well yeah, obviously I'm bored so I thought I'd update my blog before going to work.
I just had my very first vacation since I started working for IBM. It's a four-day vacation, i was lucky enough to get it approved. So, Here are the things I did:

Sunday - I just stayed at home in Manila. I literally just slept the whole day. hahaha Boo me! Bro and I went to Greenbelt for some dinner and coffee. Syempre, A night out with a friend from the US (finally after 5 or 6 years). We spent the night drinking at Kudos in Metrowalk. I was really surprised seeing her with tattoos all over her body, but it looks good on her!!! Really!!! lol

Monday & Tuesday- Sheila and I drove to Tarlac and spent the night at a hotel in Dagupan. Met up with friends at Gloria Jeans. Ano pa ba? The next day, went to Tito Bong's Wake (Tito Bong, RIP.) and had lunch at Jam Sweet Jam. Tapos balik na din agad dito sa Manila. Hindi naman masyadong stressful noh?! hahahaha Anyways, it was all worth it naman :)

Wednesday - Guess what?! High Fever and Colds!!! Stuck in my bed the whole freakin' day. hahaha
Did nothing productive but atleast I had fun. Now I'm back to the real world. But it's a good thing I'm back on the night shift otherwise, I RESIGN! Just kidding! hahaha

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Bonding after Work

Dinner at Krocodile Grille. One of our favorite Restaurants. Best "Siningang" Ever!

And ofcourse, Our Favorite. YOGHURT at Red Mango